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protection, favor, increase, place to stay, marriage kids, family longlife on earth and after

keep in heavy prayer. favor, relationships, car , marriage, long life on earth and after, new friends, protection, win over millions souls for the kingdom of jesus christ, money in my pocket, own my own house or apertments, protection from witchcraft and voodo, riches & wealth to help and give back and to support gods kingdom and soul winning, exceeding abundantly above all can ask or imgaine, for my family to be protected and friends and those who god has ordained for me to meet, favor daily, for all my prayers to be answered and not hindered or stop, or the enemy using any one to steal or take my blessings

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Pray the family united, God spirit among us during the trip. Pray for Fen’s spiritual, health, mind, and heart … make him open to the family.

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Pay for my Health and Financial Blessings

Prayers for protection around my apartment door from my neighbors, They were coming in my apartment and stealing. I want Peace & Deliverance where I live & at work and protection around my family. I have a brain tumor I want God to shrink the swelling around it & make it disappear & Financial blessings

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Please pray for my wife Linda, she has stage four cancer in her lungs, small intestines and liver, let the good lord touch her and heal her of this cancer, In the name of Jesus, I pray, Amen

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Praying request for procedure

My cardiac ablation procedure is scheduled on coming Friday morning. I request to pray for the procedure to go smoothly and for my speedy recovery and for my afib heart condition to be cured. Thank you

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Car insurance

Pray that my car insurance will help cover cost, or that at least the cost of causing damage to a rental car will not be an issue. Pray that this will not interfere with my other insurance. My current car is being repaired for free, due to being damaged by someone else. Pray that my current repair is unaffected by my having to use my own insurance to pay for a rental car.

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Please be in agreement with me for Gene. He works for the prison system & I ask that the blood of Jesus cover him as he goes to work each day to protect from the evil & wickedness that is brought in by people who are lost or who practice voodoo & witchcraft. I ask that God shield him from the demonic strongholds of violence & perversion that seems to be prevalent there.

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Cousin’s Family Needs God

Hello. Thank you so much for having this online prayer wall available! My cousin is having a hard time focusing on his high school academics, because his parents are fighting a lot to the point of even considering a divorce. My prayer request is that the Lord will help his parents love each other and stop fighting, and that my cousin will be able to get back to doing well in his classes as a result. Thank you, and God Bless!

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Divine intervention mental health

Praying God’s divine intervention & healing for Lelands restored mental health & well being. Let NO weapons formed against him prosper. Praying Gods protection, mental, physical, spiritual & emotional well being & Gods presence surrounds Leland daily. Praying he gets the medical care, support & resources needed to be healthy and whole.

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