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Care Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Comprising of singers, musicians, AVL techs, and other creatives, the focus of the Worship Team is to be worshippers who point others to Christ. The team is made up of people who love Jesus, and they use their talents and passions to help lead the hearts and minds of the church towards Jesus Christ through worship. They carry the mindset that worship is not just a Sunday event, but it is an everyday lifestyle that carries into Sunday corporate worship.

Our vision is to care for the brothers and sisters in our congregation with Christ’s love and compassion. We provide care through counseling and also through practical means (e.g., food chains, hospital or home visits, etc.).

Our Prayer Ministry trains and raises prayer ministers to listen and to pray for members who come up to receive prayer after our Sunday services.

Faith & Work (9to5)

Faith and Work Profiles

9T5 desires to help you integrate faith and work in a manner that allows the Gospel to come to bear on your work itself and the industry within which you work. 9T5 emphasizes that our work matters to God and that God matters to our work, and encourages us to approach our work in a manner that allows God’s design and purposes for work to flourish.

If you’re interested in exploring faith and work and its practical applications, please contact us!