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Missing My Angels Above

Please, the two prayers I pray most frequently 1) Forgive me for my faults because I had /have no idea what I am doing. Facing the fears anyway with wishful thinking and probably making a fool of myself. 2) Please give me a clear sign that my angels (my loved ones who have gone to heaven) are protecting me and with me. I search for their signs everywhere. Please make it clear to me they still love me and are with me in spirit. Thank you. Amen.

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Employment needs

Praying a new full time job opening prevails immediately for Leland. Father God I declare divine breakthroughs, favor & financial blessings be provided for Leland to obtain/maintain steady full time employment, housing & transportation needs. Praying for Gods protection, good health, well being and encouragement is with Leland daily.

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Prayer for my Autistic son, Mason Oh

Hello family- Requesting prayers for my 11 year old son, Mason who has severe Autism. He is non-verbal and dependent on assistance 24/7. He has sensory processing disorder which means his mind and body is always restless. He cannot do anything for himself physically as he has weak fine motor skills. He has an individual Education program and will be transferring to an intensive program in the next coming weeks. I have faith in god Mason will improve so he can converse and learn how to be independent. Please pray for our Mason and our family. Thank you all!

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Pray for my sister, Ada

My sister Ada fell a few days ago and gave herself a black eyes and a bump on the head. She was doing okay but then became more disoriented so she was taken to the hospital earlier today and then send to Denver with helicopter due to signs of aneurysm. As of now, her CT scan results are still the same. They are setting up some monitoring items and then will stop the sedative and wait for her to wake up to do more assessment.

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My entire family needs healing

Please pray 4 my 82 year old dad & my 81 year old mom they have so many health problems & are overwhelmed especially dad’s knee he can hardly walk at all my depression & anxiety. My husband’s alchohol problem.My sister & daughters sexual sin & the men that are using them for their bodies break up with them. Pray 4 my entire family & family of origin lots of sin in their lives. URGENT!!

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Pray for Sujo

Please pray for Sujo. (His mother works for Joyya, our partner in India). Sujo is 10 years old and very sick with MDS. The doctors don’t have a lot of hope that Sujo will survive. Please pray for God’s renewal in Sujo’s life and the slum community he lives in.

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Softened heart

Praying for Dearin’s softened heart & soul of forgiveness, compassion and love; letting go of past hurt, pain & disappointment so he begins showing a kinder, gentler and more loving spirit towards his wife, children & family. Praying for restoration of a joyful & peaceful spirit towards all.

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