Our vision is to be an open door to a life-changing grace.

We want everyone to experience God’s unconditional welcome and radical hospitality through the good news of Jesus. But this welcome is only the beginning. As we experience more of God’s grace, God changes our lives. In God’s grace, we are invited as we are, but in God’s grace, we don’t stay as we are. We want to see this happen to every single one of us. This is our vision for Open Door.


We want to be a gospel communities sent in the everyday.

We want to gather and grow around the gospel, together in communities, for the purpose of God’s mission in our daily lives. Jesus did not live, die, and resurrect from the dead to secure us for Sunday attendance – where we offer a paltry 1.5 hours for 52 weeks. Rather, Jesus died to give us life and life to the full. He bestowed upon us our precious identity as children of God. He birthed us into a family called the church. And He set us on a mission and a purpose that would change our world through our everyday life. This is who we are in Christ. And so, this becomes what we do. This is our mission: to be gospel communities sent in the everyday.

Our Staff

David Chang

Lead Pastor

John Cha

Assistant Pastor

Jee Song

Assistant Pastor

Joe Park

Assistant Pastor

TK Watanabe

Director of Outreach

David Kim

Director of Worship

James Kim

Youth Pastor

Soo Choi

Youth Pastor

Tony Jung

Children’s Education Pastor

Jeanie Chang

Director of Children’s Ministry
Fruitful Vineyard (Infants – K)

Jinny Kwon

Asst. Director of Children’s Ministry
Fruitful Vineyard

Stephanie Lee

Director of Children’s Ministry
Little Lights (Gr. 1-3)

Yeriel Kim

Lead Director of KFC
Kids for Christ (Gr. 4-6)

Jia Min

Director of KFC
Kids for Christ (Gr. 4-6)

June Kim


Jenny Lee

Media/Website Designer

Kristen Lee

Graphics Designer

What We Believe


Our Church History


Our history and demographic identity as a church can be traced back to our journey together with our parents’ Korean immigrant generation. As our parent generation immigrated to the US and grew up in American society speaking only Korean, we grew up as a 2nd generation speaking mostly English. As our 2nd generation grew, we found ourselves in a church of two-generational cultures, two languages, yet of one shared ethnic experience and one spiritual identity in Christ. Thirty years ago, we faced the most important congregational question: Should we part ways due to language and generational/cultural differences? Or should we remain together and grow in our differences?
We decided to remain together. Since then, we have created and are developing what we call an interdependent and intergenerational model. In our model, we have our English-speaking Congregation (EC) and our Korean-speaking

Congregation (KC) acting independently in operational leadership, budget, and in weekly ministries; however we remain united and shared in our overall vision and in the collaboration of staff, elders, children’s and youth ministries, and in selected aspects of our missions and finances.

The short-hand for our model is “1:2:1” — We are a church of 1 vision, 2 households, 1 family. We share the 1 vision to be an open door to a life-changing grace. We grow in 2 different spaces and contexts where we can live as 2 households, but we remain 1 family in life and in Christ.

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