the Grove

Serving 7th to 12th graders

The Grove (ODPC YG) exists to equip our next generation as followers of Christ who:

  • Learn God's Word
  • Love God's people and the world around them
  • Live by the grace of God daily

Our desire and vision is to come alongside families during the formative teenage years in developing an understanding of the Bible that sees it as an ever-applicable authority. This is to help them grow in love for the world around them, as we gain big hearts for the contexts that we have been placed in. Finally, all of this is done in a way that is gracious to the people around us, as we have first experienced grace from God.

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Just as a grove is a small orchard, our hope is that our next generation would be a community cluster, who have deep roots in their faith, which results in bearing fruit for the benefit and enjoyment of the world around them.