Our vision is for Jesus to be in the center of our worship and mission is for worship to be in the everyday. Worship team is made up of the production team and the band

Areas of need:

Our vision is to care for the brothers and sisters in our congregation with Christ’s love and compassion. We provide care through counseling and also through practical means (e.g., food chains, card-writing, hospital or home visits, etc.).

Who are we looking for?

Our Prayer Team seeks to love our church and members in need through the ministry of intercession and prayer.

As Open Door EC fellowship and hosting team, we want to create a space where people feel safe to fellowship and where people want to stay and feel connected.

Who are we looking for?

We are the “Open” of ODPC. As a ministry, we want to…
Welcome – embrace all visitors
Connect – introduce visitors to all our ODPC resources
Support – support visitors in their initial phases of transition to ODPC

Who are we looking for?

As Open Door Campus Operations, we want to embrace our church name for what it is. Our goal is to be an open door to our community by providing a safe and welcoming facility/building for our members and guests. We are looking for volunteers to help with parking, maintaining our building and providing security where needed.

We would especially welcome those that are currently working but not limited to the following industries: