Love Herndon

local outreach

Love Herndon is a bold initiative to connect people and build community in our neighborhood.  We aim to accomplish this in two ways:

  • Loving service for our neighbors throughout Herndon
  • Radical hospitality for guests on our community campus

Help us live out the two greatest commandments, to love God and to love people.


Global Missions

global outreach

We believe that every follower of Christ is called to fulfill the “Great Commission,” which Jesus spoke of in Matthew 28:19, just before He left the world and returned to Heaven. ODPC is blessed to extend God's life-changing grace to our three main focal areas:

  • Northeast Asia
  • Central Asia
  • India

9to5: Faith & Works Ministry

9T5 desires to help you integrate faith and work in a manner that allows the Gospel to come to bear on your work itself and the industry within which you work. 9T5 emphasizes that our work matters to God and that God matters to our work, and encourages us to approach our work in a manner that allows God's design and purposes for work to flourish.