The ODPC Children's Ministries (CM) is dedicated to equipping students to be the light and salt of the world by learning about God's Grace, living a Gospel-centered life, and living out God's love to others.


CM wants to come alongside families in providing age-appropriate teaching of God’s Word, so through Sunday school and family time, we can help our next generation understand the Gospel and grace. We look forward to the ways that God will produce fruit in our children’s lives as Kingdom workers

Fruitful Vineyard Ministry (FVM)

Serving Infants to Kindergarteners

Fruitful Vineyard Ministry aims to help every child:

  • Develop a passion for God's Word and a life-long dedication to growing in their relationship with Him
  • Understand that God loves them and that he or she is divinely created and infinitely loved by God
  • Nurture and nourish their spiritual growth at home and at Sunday School.

To learn more about FVM, contact Director Jeanie Chang

Little Lights Ministry

Serving 1st Graders - 3rd Graders

Little Lights aims to help children to:

  • Know and believe that God's love for them
  • Grow in the knowledge of God's Word
  • Become “little lights” in our home, school, and community

To learn more about Little Lights, contact Director Stephanie Lee

Kids for Christ Ministry (KfC)

Serving 4th Graders - 6th Graders

Kids for Christ aims to help children to: 

  • Understand that God is real and that His Word in the Bible is true
  • Know how Jesus can be their personal Savior and Lord
  • Know that God has created each child for His special purposes, and
  • Build and improve the quality of their relationships at church, school, home and in their communities.

To learn more about KfC, contact Director Joe Choi

For any questions regarding our Children's Ministries, Elder Matt Chae