1. Prayer for Andrew and Nicole good days and protection God to work in our lives and marriage.
  2. God to help me (Andrew) lose weight and God’s protection from foods that aren’t good for me God to help me not overeat before bed and God to draw close to me and feel God’s presence and God helps my stomach fat go away and stomach becomes flater praise God
  3. To get on a healthy schedule live healthy lifestyle for my mental health Healing from depression bipolar disorder symptoms Healing from mental torment and protection over my mind and mental health
  4. Healing from acid reflux also pray for healing for voice and throat acid causing nausea bulimia pray God heals me
  5. Long life and good health and peace protection
  6. Healing from chronic fatigue sleeping too much God to give me supernatural energy and become energetic and feel good in my body praise God also healing from depression
  7. Healing from blocked salverity gland and pain relief where it hurts below ear pray for good doctors report i get xray what it is july 3 pray its nothing serious and increase my faith and protection also pray for healing from bump inside of thigh on leg have God do this healing supernatural and block the devil from preventing me from getting healed in Jesus name amen
  8. Prayer for Nicole Carter Healing for bells palsy on left side of face and left red hand rash and stress also Prayer for God to help me get rid of stomach fat in my stomach becomes flater in Jesus name amen thank you Jesus for weight loss also God to help me not over eat before bed also God to heal celulite on back of legs arms praise God


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