Who We Are

The greatest context to grow in the Gospel is with the people of God. The greatest apologetic for the Gospel is the people of God.

Through our Gospel Communities, we want to learn and take our first steps toward our identity in the Gospel, our practice and culture as a Gospel community, and our mission in our everyday.

Our Vision & Goals

Gospel: Teach and live out the Gospel

Teach and demonstrate the Good News of the Gospel that emphasizes not only the salvation from (sin and eternal separation from God) but an invitation to (Kingdom of God) the renewal work of God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Community: Grow authentic communities of faithfulness and fruitfulness

Gospel communities emphasize belonging, both in and out of our church community, and authenticity and freedom to embrace our brokenness so that we may grow towards faithfulness and fruitfulness.

Sent: Cultivate mercy, justice, and truth

As Kingdom citizens, we bring blessing and renewal to the world through the mode of increasing mercy, justice, and truth in our communities, both locally, globally, and culturally.

Key Contact

GC Care

For hospitalizations, passing of loved ones/bereavement, counseling needs, immediate/
urgent financial need, etc.

GC101/Learning More

This class gives you a brief history of where our church has been and how that influenced how we view our Gospel Communities and what we hope they will become moving forward.


Including schedules/calendar, huddles, clusters, etc