• Stand-alone sermons are those that are not part of a sermon series.  Click on the link above to see the full list of sermons.

  • For the next few weeks, we will be going through a month-long series in January entitled "Looking Ahead," where we will be unpacking our vision of Gospel Communities Sent in the Everyday (GCSE).  We will essentially be taking our presentation at our congregational meeting and will be unpacking it in various ways/angles and will also be breaking it down piece-meal -- focusing on i) GCSE as a whole, ii) then the Gospel, iii) then community/the church, and iv) then being on mission.  We hope that as we preach through the various passages and through our GCSE vision, our people will see how our God's future for us -- to grow in the Gospel together on mission -- is worth it!  Yes, there will be challenges, but God has so much in store for us if we trust in Him and obey Him.  It's a beautiful journey and vision that God has in store for our church, and we're very excited to be sharing this with our church family.

  • Right now, our world is very isolated, polarized, and fragmented. At worst, there's alienation and hostility -- especially everyday in our politics/headlines.  At best, there's superficial acquaintance-ship through social media, but an absence of deep acceptance and welcome of one another. "Hospitality" (especially if you Google it) only brings up hotel amenities and bed and breakfast ads.


    In contrast, we see the hospitality of God. He goes beyond our expectations of hospitality. His hospitality welcomes, embraces, and transforms enemies into adopted daughters and sons of God. How radical is that?! And this hospitality transforms us -- the church -- to be like Him and to do the same in our everyday. As one writer put it, Gospel-hospitality is a "radically ordinary hospitality" that is divine and yet lived out in our everyday!

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