We're excited about the 2017-2018 Small Group season here at Open Door!

We have 20+ small groups that we offer to our congregation. With so many small groups we have different types of groups that fits to where you are in your life stage. Within each life stage small group are grouped by different locations. 

Read through the bios and see which group fits you!  

Interested in joining a small group?

(Aged: 18-23)


Leaders: Jess Chun, Ellen Park, Steve Lee
When: Wednesdays

SALT Ministry Small Group. This group is for people who are in local area colleges or aged 18-23. We will be meeting every week for bible study and will have planned fellowship gatherings throughout the year.

(Post College/Young Adults)

NextGen Annandale

Leaders: Will Kim, Irene Lee

When: Friday Nights

We're a small group mid-20s and younger singles to grow spiritually and connect inter-generationally with our church. We hope to foster deep friendships, share our joys and struggles, pray for one another, and speak God's truth in love to one another through weekly Bible study.

NextGen Herndon

Leaders: Sam Choi, Joy Song

When: Fridays Nights at 7:00pm

We're a small group mid-20s and younger singles to grow spiritually and connect inter-generationally with our church. We hope to foster deep friendships, share our joys and struggles, pray for one another, and speak God's truth in love to one another through weekly Bible study.

NextGen Fairfax

Leaders: Ben Watanabe, Jinhee Park

When: Wednesday Nights at 7:00pm

We're a small group mid-20s and younger singles to grow spiritually and connect inter-generationally with our church. We hope to foster deep friendships, share our joys and struggles, pray for one another, and speak God's truth in love to one another through weekly Bible study.


Fairfax 1

Leaders: Jennifer Tanaka, Yongbae Kong, Andrew Park

When: Fridays at 7:30pm

We're excited to be part of a small group that seeks to grow closer to God through the Word and to live out authentic community with brothers and sisters of our church. 

Newly Married

Newly Married

Leaders: Daniel Kim, Joanne Kim

When: Fridays 

Daniel and Joanne Kim are leading a small group for newly married couples (married for fewer than five years). The group will explore what it means to have a grace-based marriage and openly share about the joys... and struggles. Both Daniel and Joanne were raised in Herndon, and enjoy music, biking, and traveling. Their hope is that the small group can learn and grow to serve one another as well as the community (inside and outside the church) at large. 

​​​​​​​(Singles, Couples, Families with Kids)


Leaders: Yong Han, Soyong Han, Kathleen Kim, Charles Choi

When: Friday Nights at 7:00pm

Couples/Singles Mixed Group who are looking to build community with one another while being accountable for each other. Our group enjoys mixing food and fellowship together.

Burke (Alpha)

Leaders: Pastor John Cha

When: Sunday Nights

Alpha is a 10-week course for those exploring Christianity. There is not homework/commitment other than to come ready with questions and dive into topics such as "Is there more to life than this?", "Why did Jesus die?", and "Who is the Holy Spirit?"

Burke 2

Leaders: Jangwon(JW) Lee, Jennie Lee, Young Choi, Melissa Jun

When: Friday Nights

JW, Jennie, Young and Melissa will be joining forces this fall to host a mixed small group for singles and couples with or without children. We're looking forward to building community and relationships between multiple life stages through the bible studies, good food and fellowship.


Leaders: Jim Lee, Jennifer Kim, Shi Chung

When: Friday Nights

We're looking forward to studying the Word with people who love God, community and fun. We also welcome those who have questions about who God is and why He is so loved. We also love adventure - whether it's developing new friendships, venturing outdoors for an activity, or discovering a new restaurant. But most of all, we look forward to meeting our new members and helping our members grow and get plugged into ODPC.

Arlington (Courthouse/Arlington)

Leaders: Gene Lee, Hyunkyoo Jo, Minnie An

When: Friday Nights

Our group includes mostly singles as well as young-at-heart married couples without children. Our regular meeting location is a seven minute walk from the Courthouse Metro Station. We look forward to renewing past friendships as well as forging new ones. Together, we hope to build a fellowship that is based on God's grace, power, and love. We will strive to follow the Lord, grow spiritually, care for each other, and be a blessing to others.

Arlington 2 (Rosslyn)

Leaders: Bryant Choung, Joy Lee, Sarah Oh

When: Friday Nights

Bryant, Joy and Sarah are looking forward to an awesome time of fellowship, learning, eating and adventure with their small group members. If you are excited about getting know others in the ODPC family and growing in faith together, then join us!


Leaders: Donny Suh, Kathy Suh, Etern Yang

When: Friday Nights

All are welcome. Looking for anyone who wants to grow together in the Word and have Accountability in sharing life together.

Herndon 2

Leaders: Steve Kim, Julie Kim

When: Friday Nights

We hope to have a mixed small group where people from various phases of life can come to do life together and build authentic relationships.

Families with Kids

Ashburn (Leesburg, Lansdowne)

Leaders: John Kim, Cindy Kim, Chu Kim, Hannah Kim

When: Saturdays at 6:30pm

We are a family group with mixed-aged children and couples. We are excited to be part of a community that seeks out a personal relationship with God and supports one another in prayer and fellowship. We meet every 2 weeks and each family takes turn hosting.

Fairfax 2

Leaders: Madison Song, Brian Choi

When: Fridays at 6:00pm

Our desire is for people in different stages of faith and life to come together and encourage one another in God's truth, in fellowship, and in prayer. Families, couples, and singles are all welcome - childcare will be provided (Steve and Madison's children are 10 and 7 years old). We will take turns with dinner and hosting

Fairfax Station/Lorton/Burke

Leaders: Daniel Kim, Hae Jin Kim

When: Fridays at 7:00pm

Daniel and Hae Jin are married with two boys - Joshua (8) and Caleb (5). They have been leading small group for the past couple of years and have enjoyed building community and lifelong relationships with fellow brothers and sisters. Life is often busy and sometimes not so peachy, but we have been so blessed with opportunities to grow in God's Word, to pray for one another, and to do life together. We hope you can join us!

Dunn Loring

Leaders: Daniel Min, Semi Min, Anita Lee

When: Thursday Nights

We look forward to growing together through Bible study, accountability, and fellowship. Singles and married couples w/out kids

Chantilly/South Riding

Leaders: John Kim, Cindy Kim, Chu Kim, Hannah Kim

When: Saturdays at 6:30pm

Co-leader Amber Chung is married to Phil and has two kids (7 and 5). She's from Houston, TX and has been attending ODPC for 10 years. She like games and enjoys eating good food with friends and family.

Also co-leading is Kwangsoo Ok. He is married to Minhee and has three beautiful girls (7, 5 and 3). He has been at Open Door for 10+ years serving in various ministries like Finance & Small Group. He enjoys playing sports and eating fried chicken.

"We look forward to a wonderful year together of sharing dinners, prayers, bible studies, and family outings!"

Tysons Corner/Great Falls

Leaders: Roy Park, Judy Park, Susan  Villalas, Mike Villalas

When: Friday Nights at 6:30pm

We're excited to journey together with the small group and hope to experience an authentic community that lives out our faith through digging into God's word, transparent sharing and genuine fellowship.

Tysons 2 

Leaders: Kevin Kwon, Judy Kwon, Andrew Kim, Jodie Kim

When: Fridays at 7:00pm

We are a family group with kids, and we're looking forward to growing in faith and fellowship.


Herndon Men's Study

Leaders: Danny Hwang

When: Tuesday Nights

We will be going through the book, Hero: Being the Strong Father Your Children Need

We hope to have an encouraging time discussing the book and sharing our lives, whether you are currently a father or hope to be one in the future.

Herndon Women's Study

Leaders: Judy Hwang & Tae Gam

When: Thursdays, 9:30am - 12:00pm

God can use your weakness. Do you feel overwhelmed? Inexperienced? Gideon’s story involves far more than a wet fleece and a battle won with 300 soldiers. His epic victory actually tells of one man’s struggle with his own weakness— and the One True God who transformed it into triumph. We invite all the women of ODPC on Thursday mornings to join us as we learn how God can use our weakness to unlock His strength.

September 21— November 9

Thursdays 9:30am to 12:00pm

Location: Church

Contact: Judy Hwang (judyjhwang@yahoo.com) or Tae Gam (taejgam@gmail.com)

Centreville Women's Group 1

Leaders: Susan Kim, Hanna Kim

When: Every other Friday at 7:00pm

Cost: $20 (for workbook and video fee)

Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted - Bible Study Book by Priscilla Shirer provides a personal study experience five days a week, discussion in small groups and video sessions. 

What do we do when God interrupts our lives? Many times, like Jonah, we run! In this 7-session Bible study, Priscilla redefines interruption and shows that interruption is actually God's invitation to do something beyond our wildest dreams. When Jonah was willing to allow God to interrupt his life, the result was revival in an entire city.

Start Day: Friday, Sept 22

Centreville Women's Group 2

Leaders: Kaitlin Chon, Hannah Park

When: TBD

Boundaries Face to Face: How to Have That Difficult Conversation You've Been Avoiding

A practical handbook on positive confrontation by the authors of the award-winning and best-selling Boundaries. Successful people confront well. They know that setting healthy boundaries improves relationships. They have discovered that uncomfortable---even dangerous---situations can often be avoided or resolved through direct conversation. But most of us don't know how to go about having difficult conversations. We see confrontation as scary or adversarial. We're afraid to ask a boss for a raise or talk to a relative about a drinking problem, or even address a relational conflict with a spouse or someone we are dating. In Boundaries Face to Face authors Cloud and Townsend take the principles from their best-selling book Boundaries and apply them to a variety of the most common difficult situations and relationships.