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MY ODPC is a church database used to track Sunday services and attendances for adults and children, as well as manage various ministries and small groups.

WHY are we using MY ODPC?

It’s an easy way for you to search for people via the on-line directory.  It’s an easy way for ministry leaders, deacons, elders and staff to see how people are doing.

WHERE can I use MY ODPC?

You can use it anywhere you have internet connection.  Our primary usage right now is with CE programming, but as more households are brought into the system, our usage will increase.

WHO should sign up for MY ODPC?

All guests, visitors, attendees or members!  MY ODPC is not just a church management system, but it’s a way contact can begin amongst people in the church body.  First-time visitors can get more information about ministries via MY ODPC.  Long-time attendees can use the on-line directory to search for an email address or phone number

WHEN should I log on to MY ODPC?

As often as you need to.

HOW do I sign up for MY ODPC?

If you do not believe you are already in the system, please sign up as a new user following these instructions.
If you think you may already be in the system, contact the church office for details on how you should log in.
If you already have a log-in, please log in and update any information necessary.

Click on the image below or go to: https://opendoorva.infellowship.com


*We understand there are privacy concerns.  Please note you can determine your privacy settings on MY ODPC and choose what information people see.  All you need to do is click “Privacy Settings” once you log on.*

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