What is BillPay?

BillPay is an automated payment service where the customer provides debit information to his/her bank. Checks are automatically cut and the amount withdrawn from the customer's checking account to the billing company.  

You may already use BillPay to pay for your bills.  You can also use BillPay to give/tithe to ODPC at no cost to you or the church.

Simply log on to your bank's website, click on BillPay and add ODPC as a payee.  Make sure to specify the address below.  In the NOTES section, please specify what your gift is for (e.g. tithe, missions, Student Ministry Center) and the Offering Team will ensure your gift is used in the manner you specify.  If you want to give on a regular basis, you can opt to send your payments on a schedule.

Still have questions?  Contact the Offering Team.