Creating a home for grace to grow

By God’s grace, our children’s ministries continue to grow and we have around 600 children attending our services every week. As we continue to grow in numbers, we also recognize our need for additional space.

When we first encountered this challenge of space, our solution was to ask our congregation to prayerfully consider moving to another service time to help balance our numbers. We knew this was asking A LOT of our families, but we simply did not have an alternative solution. Both English Congregation (EC) and Korean Congregation (KC) families graciously moved to the 11:45 AM service several times over the last 10 years, and we will never forget the sacrifices that these families made in support of our ministries. However, even with their support, we continue to experience a need for more space. For our elementary aged children, we are already experiencing a lack of classrooms and some classes are meeting in the hallway. We have come to a point where we need to find a long term solution that addresses our need for more space.

OUR VISION - Creating a Home for Grace to Grow


• A place where children experience belonging and feel safe

• A place to invite friends over and where they can learn & grow

• Our desire is that our children will be HOME when they come to church


• Being an open door to a life-changing GRACE is our church’ vision

• We pray that our children will encounter, experience, and extend GRACE in their daily lives


• Natural progression of our children as they move through each ministry

• Our hope is that they will live out this vision as they GROW and go out into the world

Some answers to your questions

Why now?

Our church has grown to the point where we simply do not have another option. Also, if we are struggling to find space for our children, how do we invite our friends and neighbors or accommodate our guests and visitors?

Why is the cost so high?

We worked with an architecture firm that specializes in church buildings and renovations, so they recognize the budget constraints of a church. They listened to the requests of our Children’s Ministry Directors and created a plan that addresses all of our needs. The proposed plan will upgrade all of our current ministry space and give us room to grow.

What Does the Renovation Include? 
- Remove walls to create bigger, more versatile multi-purpose rooms

- Two central check-in areas (one for pre-K/kindergarten and one for grades 1-6) 

- Secured doors and entry ways

- Wider staircase between the basement and main level

For more information and photos, download the:

Pledge with us

The renovation cost will be in total $1.7 million dollars. We are splitting the cost evenly between the KC and EC, so we are seeking to raise $850,000 from our congregation. Please submit your pledge card to us by July 23rd. 

DOWNLOAD  and PRINT your pledge card HERE and then...

  • Drop of your card in the Offering Basket on Sunday.
  • Or mail your card to:
              Open Door Presbyterian Church
              ATTN: Alex Kim
              2999 Centreville Rd.
              Herndon, VA 20171

You don't need to give your pledge amount by the deadline as well. The campaign period is 1 year, but we kindly ask that 50% of your pledge be given by
December 31st, 2017.