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We're excited about the Small Group season here at Open Door!

Our small groups are listed below, in alphabetical order.  

Read through the bios and see which group you would like to join!  

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Please contact Julie Yoo if you would like to join a group!

Group: 9T5 Faith & Work

Leaders: James Kim and John Sim

When: Wednesday Evenings

What: Open to All

James and John are leading a "faith and work" small group that unpacks the theology of faith and work and about creating a community of believers who encourage each other to live out their vocational callings. James is currently a repressed artist creating majestic masterpieces using his canvas of choice: Microsoft Excel. He's also a father of three, husband to Susan, and the family's resident IT expert. John is a wannabe cyclist and recently revamped his golf swing (although in his mind only), and by day, fights for justice using Westlaw. He's hubby and dad to Gloria and their three boys.

Group: Alexandria

Leaders: Sarah Oh and Yong Han

When: Fridays at 7:00P

What: Mixed (Singles/Couples) 

Yong and Sarah are the co-leaders of the Alexandria small group. Sarah enjoys reading, riding her bicycle, and taking Instagrams of delicious dishes. She also helps with Fruitful Vineyard Ministry (infant through Kindergarten ministry). Yong and his wife Soyong have hosted small groups for multiple years. Yong helps with Manna, enjoys rooting for the Atlanta Falcons and Braves, and is trying to keep up with his two kids… and on the side, get back into shape.         

Group: Alpha

Leaders: Dave Chu, Angela Kim, John and Subie Yi

When: Thursdays at 7:00P

What: Open to All

Alpha is a 10-week course for those exploring Christianity.  There is no homework/commitment other than to come ready with questions and dive into topics such as "Is there more to life than this?", "Why did Jesus die?", and "Who is the Holy Spirit?"  The leaders are all looking forward to conversations about life and Christianity with new friends, as well as some good food.  John is from L.A. and enjoys snowboarding, sleeping and a good burger.  Subie is equal the eater of John, minus the veggies and loves to travel.  Angela loves to eat all foods and enjoys random adventures.  Dave is a husband and dad to three young kids.

Group: Arlington

Leaders: Gene Lee, Chae Kim, Kathleen Kim

When: Thursdays at 7:00P

What: Mixed (Singles/Couples without Kids)

Gene hopes to promote hospitality to encourage people to come together while growing in Christian fellowship, wisdom, inspiration, and love. Chae looks forward to meeting new members for the upcoming year. She enjoys running marathons and experimenting in the kitchen. Kathleen seeks to foster a fun, warm and welcoming community where members spur each other towards a deeper understanding of Christ and experience genuine fellowship. Acknowledging the spiritual battlefield, we approach our task in weakness, striving to do our best while asking the Lord to cover this small group with His grace and blessing.

Group: Ashburn / Leesburg / Lansdowne

Leaders: Larry & Pam Lippincott, Chu & Hannah Kim

When: Saturdays at 6:30P

What: Couples with Kids

The Lippincotts and Kims will be leading a family group with mixed-aged children and couples. They are excited to be part of a community that seeks out a personal relationship with God and supports one another in prayer and fellowship. Chu serves on the Multimedia/IT Ministry and previously served with the youth Group. The Lippincotts serves with the Marriage & Family Life Ministry and Global Missions.

Group: Burke 1

Leaders: Sora Chung and Jae Baek

When: Wednesdays at 7:00P

What: Singles

Hi ODPC singles! We're excited to lead small group this year and would like you to join us (w/ Pastor John, our host)! We want to create a community for young singles in their mid-to-upper 20's and young 30's... so a lot of sharing, praying, laughing, and eating will be present. Willing attitudes and open hearts are what we're looking for, and a commitment to invest into this awesome Burke team! For those who are willing, we ask a different member to share their testimony each week (it's not as scary as it sounds)! A little bit about us? Jae's been to jail and Sora has spent the last three consecutive summers on crutches.

Group: Burke 2

Leaders: Jane Choi, Jennie and JW Lee

When: Fridays at 7:00P

What: Mixed (Singles/Couples)

JW, Jennie and Jane will be joining forces this fall to host a mixed small group for singles and couples with or without children. Jane is a college basketball fanatic and a runner (ask her what happens when she put the two together – it didn’t turn out well). JW, Jennie and their two boys like to be active and have been on the hunt for good, authentic tacos since moving back to the area from California. The group is looking forward to building community and relationships between multiple life stages through the Bible studies, good food and fellowship.

Group: Centreville Women’s Group 1

Leaders: Susan Kim and Hanna Kim

When: Every other Friday at 7:00P

What: Women of all ages

Cost: $20 (For Workbook and Study DVD)

Susan and Hanna are co-leading a women’s small group for ladies of all stages of life. On Fridays, come together for a discussion, lecture, sharing and prayer. And daily, dig into Scripture and allow God’s Word to transform your heart. Susan serves on the Women’s Ministry and Welcoming Team. She’s been married for 28 years and has three grown children. Hanna has been attending ODPC for 15 years and is a deacon for Women’s Ministry. She is married and has three children, ages 12, 7 and 3.     

This semester's study is "Gideon" by Priscilla Shirer.  This is a story about God and His people - His love for them, as well as His strength operating in spite of, even through, their weakness.  

Group: Centreville Women's Group 2

Leaders: Kaitlin Chon and Hannah Park

When: Friday Evenings

What: Women of all ages

Cost: $20 (For Workbook and Study DVD)

Having clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  We will be leaning on the Holy Spirit and using a video, video guide and the "Boundaries" book to answer the following questions:   Can I set limits and still be a loving person?  What are legitimate boundaries?  What if someone is upset or hurt by my boundaries?  How do I answer someone who wants my time, love, energy or money?  Aren't boundaries selfish?  Why do I feel guilty or afraid when I consider setting boundaries?  Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend offer Biblically-based answers to these and other tough questions, showing us how to set healthy boundaries with our parents, spouses, children, friends co-workers and even ourselves.  

Group: Centreville / Fairfax 1

Leaders: Mark and Betty Jo

When: Saturday Evenings

What: Couples with Kids

Mark and Betty hope for their small group to live out Christ's love in and outside of church as we grow closer and go deeper as a community. They have three boys, ages 8, 6, and 3.

Group: Centreville / Fairfax 2

Leaders: Ellis (Suki) and Jeanie Chang

When: Fridays at 7:00P

What: Couples with Kids

Ellis and Jeanie are leading a small group for families and newlyweds. They are excited to be part of an authentic community that loves God and loves people. They want to facilitate a group that supports one another in prayer and fellowship while encouraging one another to make Jesus known in Centreville/Fairfax. Ellis and Jeanie served in the Global Missions Committee and currently serve in Local Outreach and Children's Ministry. Ellis enjoys trying new things, connecting with people, doing service projects and watching football. Jeanie enjoys watching K-dramas, drinking tea, eating dessert with friends and cuddling with their two children, Ezra (4) and Noelle (2).    

Group: Chantilly

Leaders: Etern and Janice Yang

When: Sundays at 4:00P

What: Couples with or without Kids

Etern and Janice will be leading a group for whoever wants to join. But probably mostly for married people with kids. You know what, just join if you want. Etern serves on the Praise team, so if you want him to get one of the worship leaders to sing for your birthday, he might be able to get that done. Janice serves with the Youth Group, so if you want to learn about what's cool with today's youth, don't ask her because she doesn't understand them. They have two daughters, who are 14 and 4. The children don't do enough chores.   

Group: Fairfax 1

Leaders: Jennifer Tanaka and Yongbae Kong

When: Fridays at 7:30PM

What: Singles

Jennifer is excited to be part of a small group that seeks to grow closer to God through the Word and to live out authentic community. This will be her third year at ODPC where she currently serves with the Welcoming Team. Her hobbies include trying new recipes, playing board games and road tripping.  Yongbae is looking forward to building a community around the small group and actively pursuing the Word and fellowship with brothers and sisters of Open Door. This is his fifth year at ODPC and currently serves on the Multimedia Team. He enjoys participating in all sports (but bad at most!) and running around Fairfax in search of good restaurants.

Group: Fairfax 2

Leaders: Jess Chun and Francis Kang

When: Fridays at 6:30P

What: Singles

Jess and Francis don't need an introduction because it's not about who they are or what they've done. Both have experienced God's unconditional love and saving grace during a time in their lives when God was not their priority. As Jesus served them when they least deserved it, their hearts transformed and are in a continuous state of gratitude and praise. In return, they want to serve God by serving as small group leaders, so others may also experience this heart transformation. Join Jess, Francis, and the other members as you experience God's love for you.    


Group: Fairfax 3

Leaders: Peter and Michelle Jo, Nathan Lee

When: Saturdays at 5:00PM

What: Couples with Kids

Peter, Michelle and Nathan are excited to "do life together" with a community of men and women who want to delve deeper in their relationships with God and each other. Peter has served as a Sunday School teacher and enjoys riding his motorcycle and banging on the drums. Michelle enjoy yoga and spending quality time with friends. They can't get enough of their three children, Cosette (10), Cami (8), and Eli (6). Nathan and Laena have three kids, Karis (5), Augustine (3), and Anthony (6 mo.) and when not consumed by the demands of work and the joys of young children, Nathan and Laena enjoy taking naps.   

Group: Fairfax Station

Leaders: Daniel and Hae Jin Kim

When: Fridays at 7:00P

What: Couples with Kids

Daniel and Hae Jin are thankful for the opportunity to continue with this small group after many blessings and encouragements while leading together last year. Daniel is an introvert from California who has not had a chance to rest since marrying an extrovert. Hae Jin started attending ODPC in 2001, left the area for a few years before returning home in 2010. As a couple, they excel in late night snacking and chasing their two boys around (ages 7 and 4). They hope that their small group will be able to go deeper in studying the Word, share great times of fellowship, and continue to live life together in community this year.

Group: Fairfax / Tysons Corner

Leaders: Jim(bo) Lee, Shi Chung and Jennifer Mun

When: Thursday Evenings

What: Mixed (Singles/Couples) 

Jim, Shi and Jen are looking forward to studying the Word with people who love God, community and fun.  They also welcome those who have questions about who God is and why He is so loved. Collectively, Jimbo, Shi and Jen have attended ODPC for 25+ years and have been involved in Men's Ministry, Missions, Praise Team, Fruitful Vineyard Ministry (preschool through kindergarten ministry), SALT (college-aged) and Youth Group (grades 7 through 12). They also love adventure -- whether it's developing new friendships, venturing outdoors for an activity, or discovering a new restaurant. But most of all, they look forward to meeting their new members and helping their Small Group members grow and get plugged into ODPC!   

Group: Herndon 1

Leaders: Donny and Kathy Suh

When: Friday Evenings

What: Couples with or without Kids

Donny and Kathy have been attending ODPC for seven years and have served as small group leaders for the last two years.  They are looking for families to grow together in the Word, accountability and sharing life together.  They have two girls, Hailey (11) and Ellie (8), and love family time.  Donny enjoys all things sports and devotes lots of his free time to golf.  Kathy is a member of the Praise Team and loves singing with the girls.  She also likes pretty paper and making hand-made cards. This group will meet at ODPC.

Group: Herndon 2

Leaders: Steve and Julie Kim

When: Friday Evenings

What: Mixed (Singles/Couples)

Steve and Julie have been married 10 years and have three children.  Steve loves football, Julie enjoys spending time with friends around large quantities of bar food and they both share a love for music.  They are hoping to have a mixed small group where people from various phases of life can come to do life together and build authentic relationships.

Group: Herndon Men's Study

Leaders: Danny Hwang and Jeff Huang

When: Wednesday Evenings

What: Men of All Ages

Dan desires to see the men of ODPC grow together to become fully devoted followers of Christ. He is blessed with his wife Judy, and three kids, Emily, Matthew and Anna. Jeff grew up in a Chinese church in upstate New York but didn't make a conscious decision to follow Christ until high school. He and his wife Lauren have three kids. He is a family doctor and is passionate about encouraging men to step up as godly husbands, fathers and brothers.

Group: Herndon Women's Study

Leaders: Judy Hwang and Tae Gam

When: Thursdays at 9:30A

What: Women of all ages

Cost: $20 (For Workbook and Study DVD)

Judy and Tae desire to see the women of ODPC grow in knowledge and application of God’s Word in their everyday lives.

This semester, the group will be studying James: Mercy Triumphs Bible Study by Beth Moore. James, Jesus’ own brother, started out as a skeptic. See how one glimpse of the resurrected Savior turned an unbeliever into a disciple. Topics in this study include: joy, hardship, faith, reversal of fortunes for rich and poor, wisdom, gifts from above, single-mindedness, the dangers of the tongue, humility, and prayer.

Group: Maryland 1

Leaders: Raymond Shin, Adam So and Daniel Jang

When: Friday Evenings

What: Mixed (Singles/Couples)

Adam has been attending ODPC for five years and currently serves at Unique Learning Center in D.C. He works in corporate finance and enjoys outdoor activities. Ray has attended ODPC since he married his wife Yusun in June 2013; they’re proud parents of one daughter. Ray works for FEMA and enjoys baseball, history and country music. Daniel is excited to be among a community of believers who aim to encourage each other in Christ. He enjoys football, basketball, and tennis. The guys hope to foster a small group family on the other side of the Potomac that studies the Bible together and supports one another through life.

Group: Maryland 2

Leaders: Anna Park and Shinwoo Kim

When: Friday Evenings

Who: Couples with or without Kids

Shinwoo and Anna will be leading a family group in Maryland. Shinwoo has two young kids, therefore has no life and no hobbies to list in his bio. His favorite movies are "Coming to America" and "I’m Gonna Git You Sucka."  Anna has three kids, enjoys spending time with friends and is a die-hard Duke basketball fan.

Group: Newly Married

Leaders: Daniel and Joanne Kim

When: TBD

What: Newly Married Couples

Daniel and Joanne Kim are leading a small group for newly married couples (married for fewer than five years). The group will explore what it means to have a grace-based marriage and openly share about the joys... and struggles. Both Daniel and Joanne were raised in Herndon, and enjoy music, biking, and traveling. Their hope is that the small group can learn and grow to serve one another as well as the community (inside and outside the church) at large.

Group: NextGen Crossroads

Leaders: TBD

When: TBD based on interest

What: Post-graduates

The NextGen Crossroads small group is for post-graduates looking to go through a year-long group experience and study exploring topics related to the transition from academic life into the “real world” such as work, church community, finances, relationships, and knowing God’s will. This group will be available on a limit basis, depending on how many are interested. For more information on Crossroads, please visit the website.

Group: NextGen Herndon

Leaders: Ben Watanabe and Cynthia Lee

When: Wednesday Nights

What: Younger Singles (Mid-20s and younger)

NextGen small groups are for mid-20s and younger singles to grow spiritually and connect inter-generationally with our church. We hope to foster deep friendships, share our joys and struggles, pray for one another, and speak God’s truth in love to one another through weekly Bible study.

Ben enjoys outdoor activities and trying out new things. He hopes this small group will actively invest in one another and share life outside of weekly meetings. Cynthia enjoys playing sports and spending time with family, friends, and her dog Charlie. She hopes to foster a community where people are welcome to be vulnerable, go deep in God’s Word and do life together.

Group: NextGen Merrifield / Dunn Loring

Leaders: Andrew Park and Will Kim

When: Friday Nights

What: Younger Singles (Mid-20s and younger)

NextGen small groups are for mid-20s and younger singles to grow spiritually and connect inter-generationally with our church. We hope to foster deep friendships, share our joys and struggles, pray for one another, and speak God’s truth in love to one another through weekly Bible study.

Andrew enjoys playing sports, hanging out with friends, and eating yummy foods. He hopes this small group will grow in faith together and become a close-knit community. Will enjoys taking pictures, playing golf, and cooking. He wants to see this group be an active part of the ODPC family and grow more intimate with God through studying the Bible.

Group: South Riding / Stone Ridge

Leaders: Chris Moon and Pastor Daniel Kim

When: Saturday evenings

What: Couples with Kids

Chris and Daniel’s vision for the group is to become a community that grows intimately with Christ by following Him and giving Him glory through every aspect of their lives. Daniel is the Extend Pastor of ODPC. He loves being outdoors, playing basketball and mountain biking. Chris is a physical therapist and enjoys camping, hiking, traveling and reading. He currently serves with the Youth Group.  

Group: Tysons Corner

Leaders: Jennifer Kim, Bryant Choung & Joy Lee  

When: Friday evenings

What: Mixed (Singes/Couples)

Jennifer, Joy and Bryant are looking forward to an awesome time of fellowship, learning, eating and adventure with their Small Group members. If you are excited about getting to know others in the ODPC family and growing in faith together, then join us!

Group: Tysons Corner / Great Falls

Leaders: Roy and Judy Park, Andrew and Jodie Kim

When: Fridays at 7:30P

What: Couples with Kids

Roy/Judy and Andrew/Jodie are excited to journey together with the small group and hope to experience an authentic community that lives out their faith through digging into God's word, transparent sharing and genuine fellowship. Roy and Judy just celebrated their 10-year anniversary and have three children. They have both served in the Marriage and Family Life Ministry and currently serve with Global Missions. Andrew and Jodie have two children, ages 9 and 7. Andrew loves teaching children how to live a fuller life in Christ. Jodie previously served with Global Missions for many years and loves Korean dramas a little too much.