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August 15, 2012

EC Lead Pastor Search Update

The EC Pastoral Search Committee consists of the entire EC Elder Board and two members from the KC Elder Board. We will lead the effort of vetting potential candidates and will involve staff and other leaders for further review, as necessary. We are happy to announce that the job description for the role has been approved and it has been posted on our website. If you have any questions or leads regarding the EC Lead Pastor position, please contact the EC Pastoral Search Committee POC, Alex Kim.

July 19, 2012

Pastor Dihan and Julie's Farewell

With many thanks and gratitude, we send off Pastor Dihan, Julie and the kids. To contact Pastor Dihan via email, do so at dihanlee@yahoo.com.

June 8, 2012

A Note from Pastor Dihan

I’ve had the privilege of serving at this church for the last 10 years. It’s the first and only full-time ministry I’ve served in. It's also where I lived out every single day of my married life; where I got ordained; where we had our children and raised them; and where I got to serve as the Senior Pastor the last four-and-a-half years.

This is home. And I essentially grew into an adult here at ODPC. All of you have been so gracious to me and my family, allowing us to be ourselves. I don't take that for granted.

It’s also been amazing to see our church grow every year, and especially in the last two years, to see God move in such dramatic ways.
All of which is why it’s so hard to share that my wife and I will be transitioning out of Open Door.

This is the culmination of a long process where I’ve been asking the Lord about my long-term future. I came here at the tail end of 25. And now, 10 years later—as I’m turning 36, the Lord has me asking important questions of who I am, what I’m called to do with the rest of my life and with our 3rd child on the way, where we’re going to plant our long-term roots as a family.

Through this process two things emerged. First, a desire to go back to California to raise our family close to family. Second, to go back to being really small and being part of a church plant that is charismatic and multi-ethnic and learn how to be the kind of pastor I want to be for the next 20 years.

These two things were brewing in us for some time, when I was approached by a church planting network called “Every Nations” with the possibility of church planting out in Southern California.

If you remember my testimony about my brother, he was saved through an Every Nations church in Hawaii. And I remember telling myself—whatever church that was able to save my brother---that’s the kind of church I’d like to one day plant. And here was Every Nations asking us to plant in the exact area we wanted to raise our family long-term and lo and behold, they wanted this plant to be charismatic and multi-ethnic.

And so after more prayer, and talking to family and friends, we felt the Lord was confirming this direction. Back in April, I spoke to my staff, Pastor Paul and then my Elders and though they received the news with sadness, in the end, they gave me their blessing. A few weeks ago I told our deacons, and now I’m sharing with you, my church.

My final Sunday at ODPC will by July 15. And starting in August, I’ll be stepping down from the lead pastor role to enter a season of learning and training as an assistant pastor at a local Every Nations church. This is a rather strange move in my life. I’m not ascending to some greater pulpit or becoming the senior pastor at a bigger church—which is your typical transition. I’m stepping way back, and putting myself in the posture of a student or intern, where I will rarely, if ever, preach on Sunday. But I do this because at this point in my life and ministry, I really need space to learn and grow and think and be stretched to prepare myself for what I believe is my long-term calling.

Where I’ll be training is at a church that is 75% African American---so my family will be learning hands-on what it means to pastor across ethnic lines. In this season, we’ll be mentored; we’ll connect into the church planting network; attend conferences, and eventually go through the church planting assessment and boot camp, and if all things go well, Every Nations will be planting us out in California.

I love OPDC. And there's a significant part of me that wishes I could stay – more so now than at any other point in our 10 years.  But I have a clear sense of where our journey is taking us, and I need to respond to the “GO” that the Lord has said over my family.  But I will “go” taking the last 10 years with me. The beauty of this church, especially the healing and the incredible vulnerability and honesty we shared together the last two years, will forever inform and define any ministry we do in the future. And I know, I know with all my heart, that the good work God started here will continue to completion. It will not stop because I or anyone else leaves. As long as you are here, the body of Christ, and you continue to seek Him with all your heart, nothing in the world can stop what the Spirit is doing.

Thank you again for loving us and being so gracious to us,

Pastor Dihan and Family

June 10, 2012

Next Steps from the Elder Board and Pastoral Staff

Dear Open Door Family and Friends,
In light of last week's announcement and the transition that will take place throughout June and July, our EC Elder Board and Pastoral Staff have set out to guide and shepherd our congregation through the following three "next steps":

First, we want to shepherd our leadership, ministry teams, and members through this time of transition.  We will personally be available for questions and will co-host our scheduled coffee times with Pastor Dihan. Prior to last week's announcement, we had already hosted a few meetings to answer questions and to debrief with other leaders.  In all this, our desire is for our church family to be at a place of peace and unity, blessing this transition.  Obviously, focusing on our church in this transition is only “half the story” ...  We also hope to bless Pastor Dihan in his departure with deep gratitude, celebrating all that God has done in and through him.  In love and honor for our beloved Lee family, we want to bless Dihan, Julie, Amanda, and Hope (and the little one to come!) to explore and pursue God's calling for their next season in life.

Second, we will begin our search for the next Lead Pastor of our EC.  While the Elder Board will be spearheading the initial process of establishing our list of candidates, we will soon after invite our deacons, ministry heads, and representatives of all of our various ministries/life-demographics for input and feedback for our invited candidate(s). Throughout this process, we will also be inviting the input and representation from our KC elders as well as input from our Christian Education (CE).  We will be seeking a Lead Pastor who will embrace our doctrinal statements, our commitment to Biblical preaching, our vision, and the core values/ethos of our church, including our commitment to our intergenerational ties with our KC and our CE and our desire to grow in the Holy Spirit.  Given our unique DNA as a church, we foresee this search will take many months and up to a year.  In the meantime, Pastor John will serve as the interim Lead Pastor.

Third, regarding our ministry direction, we are committed to "stay the course" with our present ministry goals (aka, BHAGs) from the previous three years.  We have seen wonderful, God-appointed fruit in the past few years, and we believe God has more in store for us, calling us to deepen and to grow in each of our ministry goals as a church.  On the Encounter side, this means our ongoing pursuit of the HOLY SPIRIT AND HEALING/TRANSFORMATION.  With our Exchange teams, to deepen with our theme TO BE A FAMILY.  For our Extend teams, to take on His charge TO SAVE THE LOST AND CHANGE THE WORLD.  Further details will provided as we meet and coordinate with each of our ministry teams and deacons.

We hope to update you in the future with the development of these three "next steps."  If you have any questions, please contact one of our elder board members, Harry Choi at choi_harry@yahoo.com. 

In the meantime, please continue to pray for our church during this time of transition, trusting that God is able to accomplish His desires for Open Door through this "interruption."

Together in our Father's love and care,

The Elder Board and our Pastoral Staff Team:

Matt Chae  
Pastor John Cha
Harry Choi
Pastor Tae Gam
Scott Kim
Pastor Daniel Kim
Yooshik Seo
Pastor Brian Mendoza
Alex Kim (ordained deacon)
Executive Administrator Jane Choi
Ed Yu (ordained deacon)

June 10, 2012

The Process of Transition (Pastor John Cha and Elder Harry Choi)



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