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Winter Small Group registration for the Spring Semester

About our Small Groups:
We have a total of 10 small groups with openings this semester, including three brand new groups!  The majority of our small groups follow the Sunday sermon series. We have 21 small groups total, but only the ones that have openings are listed below.  The others are currently at max capacity.

About Registration:
Step 1: Be on a computer on Wednesday, January 21 at 8:00P.
Step 2: Make sure to log on to this page.  Look for the “Register” button.
Step 3: Enter your email address and complete a profile.
Step 4: Register for one group ONLY.  For those registering as couples, please register through one name (preferably the husband’s).  If a group no longer has openings, please register for another group.

Still confused? Here's a "How's a "HOW TO" video about Wednesday's registration. 

Notes: If you are continuing in your group from last year (and your leaders are aware), you do not need to register.  Any attempt to register in several groups at once will lead to an immediate forfeit of your spot in those groups.

Who Can Register?
ODPC Small Groups are for ODPC members and committed attendees only.  If you’re interested in trying out an ODPC Small Group, but not sure if you’ll be attending ODPC long-term, please register for the Foyer group, led by Jane Choi and Phil Loy.

Email the church office.

Groups with Openings

Leaders: Chris Moon and Daniel Kim
Where and When: South Riding / Stone Ridge, Fridays at 7:00P
Openings: 4 Families

Chris and Daniel’s vision for the group is to become a community that grows intimately with Christ by following Him and giving Him glory through every aspect of their lives.  Daniel is the Extend Pastor of ODPC.  He loves being outdoors, playing basketball and mountain biking.  His new hobby is fishing.  Chris is a physical therapist and enjoys camping, hiking, traveling and reading.  He is currently involved in the Marriage and Family Life Ministry and a Missions Advocacy Team.

Leaders: Tami Le and James Kim
Where and When: Burke, Wednesdays at 7:00P
Openings: Singles || 2 girls to balance the married/single ratio

James and Tami desire genuine and authentic relationships with their small group members, and they are lucky to have an environment of realness and transparency as they share testimonies, consistently pray for one another and spur each other on towards a great love for God. James’s hobbies include watching and playing all sports and he’s passionate about God/his wife/people.  Tami’s hobbies include reading about God and playing sports.  James and Tami, along with their small group members, celebrate triumphs together but also walk together through their struggles.  They hope to share this love with those outside the small group.

Leaders: Sarah Oh and Kristian Chin
Where and When: Alexandria/Cameron Station, Fridays at 7:15P
Openings: Singles under the age of 30 || 2 girls || 2 guys

Sarah is thankful for a small group community to get to know church members in a consistent weekly Bible study.  She has been attending ODPC for eight years and teaches in the Fruitful Vineyard Pre-K ministry.  Her hobbies are reading, trying new recipes, and enjoying time on local bike trails.  Kristian is looking forward to spending time in the Word and growing deeper with others through small group. He has been at ODPC for almost three years and also serves in the Fruitful Vineyard Ministry.  A big foodie at heart, he enjoys reading classics and playing sports that don’t require good balance.

Leaders: Kwangsoo and Minhee Ok
Where and When: Chantilly/South Riding, Friday evenings
Openings: 4 families

Kwangsoo and Minhee have attended ODPC for many years and they're intimately involved in the Finance and childcare ministries.  Kwangsoo's hobbies include playing sports and video games, watching TV and listening to audio books.  Minhee loves arts and crafts.  Their vision for the small group is to create an environment where they can experience God's joy together by treasuring His Word.  They welcome all new and veteran attenders/members to share life together with the community.

Leaders: Frances Kang, Dan Yoon and Jim Lee
Where and When: Tysons Corner, Friday evenings
Openings: 5 spots to balance the married/single ratio

The Tysons III Small Group welcomes members from all walks of their spiritual journey to build community and encourage one another by exploring the Word.  Jim actively serves in various ministries including Manna, Hosting and Welcoming.  Jim can be counted on to attend his annual golf retreat while devising interesting punishments for his small group members.  Daniel and Frances are more recent additions to ODPC.  Dan is currently a member of Praise Team and serves with church parking; he is a devoted student of the Word and sports enthusiast.  Frances loves her ulcer-inducing spicy Korean food and a contributor to Women’s and the Discipleship ministries.  All three leaders also happen to be Marvel Comics fans.

Leaders: Chris Lee, Haesun Jang and Jae Baek
Where and When: TBD
Openings: 25

Crossroads is open to recent graduates and/or those who are in their first or second year of working in the “real world.”  Chris, Haesun and Jae hope that Crossroads will be a place for young men and women to find authentic community and grow deep in the truth of God’s Word.  Chris has been attending ODPC since 2012, and serves with the Praise Team.  She is married to Pastor Caleb, an ODPC Youth Group pastor, and has two children, Brady and Nora.  Jae is a long-time ODPC member, loves to play the bass, eat fast food and is passionate about fast cars.  Haesun has been attending ODPC since 2010.  Some of her sweetest moments in life have been witnessing God move through her weaknesses and do great things.

Leaders: Jenn Noh, Jessica Lee and Julie Yoo
Where and When: Alexandria, Fridays at 7:00P
Openings: 2 Females (Married or Single)

Jenn, Jess and Julie have been at ODPC for several years and serve in various ministries.  Jennifer loves nature and enjoys long walks with others.  She also appreciates finding good music and art. Jessica loves to travel the world, cooks amazing food (and baked goods as well) and enjoys checking out new restaurants.  Like Jenn, Julie loves long walks and is always up for watching a musical.  Their vision for Small Group is to create an environment where they can grow together with ladies in the church and experience freedom in God by studying His word and doing life together.

Leaders: Chae Kim and Ian Fung
Where and When: Arlington, Fridays at 7:30P
Openings: 2 Single Males

Chae has been a member at ODPC for nearly seven years and has been leading small groups in various contexts since 2004.  She enjoys digging for Biblical insight, eating and baking desserts, and running marathons to burn off all those extra calories.  Ian has been attending ODPC for three years and is actively involved in Small Groups and Welcoming.  He loves team sports, particularly basketball and flag football, and is a huge foodie. Ian’s vision for small group is to be an environment where people can grow in their relationship with Christ and love for Him, through Scripture, fellowship, community and outreach.

Leaders: Donny and Kathy Suh
Where and When: Brambleton/Ashburn, Fridays at 7:30P
Openings: 1 Family

Donny and Kathy have been attending ODPC for five years and this will be their first time leading a small group at ODPC. They have served with Fruitful Vineyard Ministry (our infant through Kindergarten ministry), teaching the 2- and 3-year-olds. They are looking for families to grow together in the Word, accountability and just sharing life together. They have two girls, Hailey (9) and Ellie (6), and love family time. Donny enjoys all things sports and is currently devoting lots of free time into golf. Kathy recently joined the Praise Team and loves singing with the girls. She also likes pretty paper and enjoys making hand-made cards.

Leaders: Daniel and Hae Jin Kim
Where and When: Fairfax/Centreville, Day and Time TBD
Openings: 5 Families

Daniel and Hae Jin are excited to lead a small group for the first time as husband and wife.  Daniel is an introvert from California who has not had a chance to rest since marrying an extrovert.  Hae Jin started attending ODPC in 2001, left the area for a few years before returning home in 2010.  As a couple, they excel in eating, playing and chasing their two boys around.  They hope that their small group will be able to study the Word, share great times of fellowship, and live life together in community. 

Leaders: John and Jimin Lee
Where and When: Herndon, Fridays at 8:00P
Openings: 4 Singles

This is John and Jimin’s 5th year leading small groups!  They love being able to host people and help people draw closer to God and one another.  They’re intimately involved with the inner-workings of the church, with John and Jimin serving in Welcoming, Praise Team and Graphic Design.  They enjoy biking, hiking, snowboarding, basketball, football, cars, singing, cooking and eating.  John and Jimin love investing in the lives of their small group members as they consider their members their family. This year, they hope their small group will be able to experience the joy, commitment and power of living life together in community.

Leaders: Eugine Park and Grace Gae
Where and When: Herndon, Fridays at 7:30P
Openings: 1 Single Male

Eugine has been attending ODPC for six years and serves on the Multimedia/Web team.  He is excited to share everything he’s learned in his walk with Christ with other believers and seekers.  His hobbies include biking, snowboarding, rock climbing and eating.  Grace has also been attending ODPC for six years and serves in the Fruitful Vineyard Ministry (our infant through Kindergarten ministry) as a teacher and puppeteer.  Her hobbies include arts and crafts, biking and cooking. She is excited to be a small group leader for the first time. Both Eugine and Grace look forward to building a Christ-centered community through God’s Word, fellowship and prayer.

Leaders: Daniel Yang and Young Eun Choi
Where and When: Tysons Corner, Thursdays at 7:00P
Openings: 2 Singles

Daniel has been attending ODPC for three years and has previously served as a worship coordinator and Youth Group/college leader.  His interests are hiking, watching movies and TV shows, eating more than he should and telling cheesy jokes to his wife Helen.  Young has been an ODPC member since the good old days of Youth Group and has served with FVM for the past four years.  She is excited for the opportunity to serve with the Tysons II Small Group.  Young enjoys running, yoga, airplanes and good food.  Both Daniel and Young are excited and look forward to fellowship and eat with everyone at the Tysons II Small Group.

Leaders: Jerry Nguyen and Christina Chang
Where and When: Tysons Corner, Fridays at 7:30P
Openings: 2 Singles

Jerry and Christina are helping to serve a Mixed Small Group in the Tysons area.  They have both served at different times with the Youth Group, XRoads, and other small groups.  They are interested in walking together with people and sharing about how Jesus is moving in all areas of our lives.  Jerry has been at ODPC for more than 10 years and has served in small groups most of that time.  He loves ice hockey and making ice cream.  Christina has been at ODPC about eight years and has served on many missions trips. Her favorite sport is basketball.  Jerry and Christina have two sons, Matthew and Joey.

Leaders: Phil Loy and Jane Choi
Where and When: Herndon, Fridays at 7:30P
Openings: Lots!  No cap.  Open to families and singles.

Phil and Jane lead the Foyer Small Group, aptly named because it’s open – no cap, no attendance policy. They welcome everyone to gather and learn how the Gospel truly is life-changing. The Foyer family is also encouraged to get to know one another, love one another and be available to learn and grow. As for the leaders… Jane is an avid college basketball fan (GO HEELS) and runner. She’s not going to make you watch basketball with her, or run, but don’t be surprised if she tries. Phil enjoys movies, football and gaming. He has attended ODPC for several years and serves on the Missions Committee along with Small Groups. Phil and Jane can’t wait to meet you!


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