Our vision

To be an open door to a life-changing grace.

On sundays: 

to learn the gospel of

jesus christ

Our desire is to create a setting and experience where people can learn the good news that God has opened the “door to life-changing grace” - Jesus Christ.  We want this learning to be both “taught” in our preaching, sharing, and communication and “caught” in our hospitality and welcome as we practice the ethos of the gospel. 

  • Preach Christ-centered messages that unpack how the good news of His life, death, and resurrection applies relevantly to all of life.
  • Prepare and lead people to engage throughout worship.
  • Create a campus environment that is warm and inviting to all who will come.

in small groups:

to live out our faith
in community

Our desire is to raise people who will live out a life of transformation and growth as they live out our vision together. We want people to be encouraged and accountable to a small group of people who can help them live out their faith in an authentic way.

  • Provide a sufficient quantity, quality and variety of small group environments where we can care for and serve one another.
  • Collaborate across ministries to develop our faith.
  • Create safe and meaningful opportunities for people who may need a particular type of community during difficult seasons of life.

Out into the World (sent): 

to love those we serve

and to whom we are sent

Our desire is to proclaim the gospel in word and deed in the places (cities) and positions (vocation, influence) that God has called us to. We believe that our vision does not end with ourselves but instead points us outward to be open doors of grace into a sin-broken world. 

  • To seek the peace and prosperity of Herndon through radical hospitality and loving service.
  • To love the people in particular cities in Central Asia, Northeast Asia and India. 
  • To equip our people to be ambassadors for Christ through their vocational callings.